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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Nursery that Stole my heart

I can remember when I was pregnant with Hallie, before we knew that she was a girl, searching baby bedding and nursery ideas on Pinterest and secretly hoping she was a girl so that I could buy this Land of Nod bedding and paint this sweet Cherry Blossom Tree on her wall.
When I did find out she was a girl I couldn't wait to make my dream a reality.  My Mom, Mother in Law and I spent hours in her room painting the walls that perfect shade of pink and perfecting all those sweet flower petals, birds and butterflies.  
Little did I know then how much that room would mean to me. That was the room we brought our baby girl home to.  So many of Hallie's baby memories were made in that room including the first time she pulled up to standing.  After my Mom passed, Hallie would obsess over who painted her tree. She would say, "Who painted my tree? Nana. Who painted my Birds and Butterflies? Memi. Who painted my flowers? Momma."  Over and over.
It's been a year since we moved from our house, and this is the room I miss the most. Before we moved out of the house, my sweet friend came and took these precious photos of Hallie and her room that I think we will both cherish forever.  
  Hallie's Tia Joyce and I modpodged these letters. The girls I used to Nanny for did the Fingerpaintings.  

 Hallie's Godmother helped me make the mobile.
She also made her puppy quilt.  
 My mother made the cross stitchings of those bears
 The madame alexander dolls were mine as a child. The small trinket box was my Mother in Laws

 This is where she first pulled up to standing 
 My parents gave her the cradle and doll for her 2nd Christmas 

Hallie's initials along with mine and her grandmothers  

 When we decided to sell our house, before my mother passed, we had her paint the tree onto a dollhouse to give Hallie for Christmas.  It definitely makes not being able to recreate Hallie's sweet Nursery right away a little easier.  

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  1. Oh what a sweet, special room! Where have I been, you're moving, Hallie is becoming so big and you're not nannying the girls anymore?!


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