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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hallieisms Take 9

With Hallie recently 3 I feel like she is just getting more hilarious with age! Of course I have plenty more birthday fun to share, but today I have a new batch of Hallieisms coming at you!

1. Christopher is a huge country music fan. He was watching some video on youtube of Willie Nelson. Hallie comes up behind him and says, "Hey Dad! That guy has Princess Anna hair!" (AKA 2 braids)

2. Clearly we go to Chick Fil A too often because lately when I ask Hallie to do something like take her dishes to the sink, she responds "My Pleasure" Where else would she learn that!?

3. We were doing a craft that had buttons, Hallie dropped one on the floor and asked me "Do I have to put it in the sink?" Which is where she puts food that she drops on the floor.

4. Sometimes when  Hallie is pretending to be animals she calls herself a different name...her horse name is Mayonnaise...

5. She also has a few imaginary friends: There's Lei Lei the pig, Sven the bird, Snoop the bat, Skippy the dragon and Clara her imaginary sister. Please tell me this is normal!

6. A Tyrannosaurus Rex is a Dinosaur Max and a necklace is a "Nexaliss"

7. Sometimes if we are doing something together and she wants to do it by herself she will say "Allow me"

8. I asked her to sing me a song and she told me "I'm all out of songs!"

9. She recently went through a phase where if we asked her for a hug she would tell us " I'm not such of a hugger" -which is totally true

10. Hallie went down for her nap in a terrible mood.  She was crying and sobbing and finally cried herself to sleep. When she woke up she said "Mom, I sleeped the crying off!"

11. Hal was playing with her imaginary Dragon (see number 5) and she yelled "Here Skippy

come get the Apple, there's Human spit on it!" Where the heck does she get this stuff!?

12. Hallie was eating Mac and Cheese (or Mac-en-oroni and Cheese as she calls it) and she told me "look mom it went Night Night in my mouth!" The same kid refused to eat broccoli because they were "little trees" and she didn't want to "hurt the little birdies inside them!"

13. If we ask her if she wants to take a bite of something we are eating, usually she will tell us "I got my own thanks!"

14. She was angry at my Father in Law and she told him "Pop, get in your office!"

15. We were out to eat for my best friend's birthday and Hallie was sitting across from her adorable young cousin and Hallie was trying to play it cool. She leans across the table and asks "So, Jackie, do you like boys?"- 3 to 23 overnight!

16. I wish I remember what song we were listening to, but Hallie told me "Momma I like this song, it makes my heart Happy!"

17. Hallie likes to watch out for her day Christopher and I were having a loud conversation and Hallie thought we were arguing about something and she asks Christopher "Daddy, are you being nice to Momma? She's my mother!"

18.  We recently read a book where an Alligator loves watermelon. He accidentally swallows a seed and thinks that a watermelon will grow in his tummy. In the end he burps it out and everything was fine, but the fear must have stuck with Hallie because later that night Christopher was getting her ready for bed and she was going potty. I hear her from the other room tell him "Daddy, this morning I ate some watermelon, and now, I think....there's something in my butt" I literally died laughing!

19.  "Mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?---TARGET!" - That's my girl!

20.  One night we made brownies for after dinner and she told Christopher "Dad, just bring me a brownie and I will pretend to be happy!" She just gets it!

21. My father in law's dog Licked Hallie and she told him "Bach, you know better!"

22. Christopher was watching Hallie while I was out one evening.  He left the room to go to the kitchen to get something and she comes in after him screaming "Dad, you can't just LEAVE ME!!"

23.  There's a episode of Sofia the first where one of Sofia's friends is worried she can't dance as well as her mom did when she was younger. But Sofia makes her feel better by telling her she invented a new step, the "Karie Hop" Well we were outside with our dog Stella who recently tore her ACL and is limping and she told her "Good job Stella, you're doing the Karie hop!

24. One day Hallie was eating lunch and kind of messing around she spilled.  She told Christopher
Sorry Daddy" he told her "I forgive you" She says "I forgive you too" So he explains that you can't forgive someone unless they do something to wrong you first.  So she holds on to this....Later for dinner Christopher is tossing a salad for dinner and he accidentally spilled some. Hallie said "Dad did you spill? He confirms he she says "Well I forgive you!

25.  We were talking about all the fun things she was going to get to do when she turned 3.  Like go to school all by herself and ballet all by herself....and she adds "And drive a car all by myself!"

26.  She was going potty and she was having trouble flushing the toilet and screams "MOM it wont work! It's out of batteries!!!"

27.  On her birthday we gave her a Sofia Mermaid doll she had had her eye on. When she opened it she said, "Oh it's the Sofia doll that I have always wanted!"

I can't believe how big she is getting! To read all her other Hallieisms, click here!

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