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Monday, March 13, 2017

Currently March

Holy Bananas it's been a while! And even longer since I have done a "Currently Post" So here goes! Everything we have been up to over here at the Mock house! :) 

Okay so I have been the WORST reader lately! The last 2 books I read were "Talking as Fast as I Can" by Lauren Graham and "Big Little Lies" which I hear they turned into an HBO series. I am pretty sad we cancelled our cable because the book was amazing! I have the Shack sitting on my bedside table, just haven't started it yet.

I know we are WAAAAAY behind on this show, but Christopher and I just discovered Revenge and have Almost binge watched the whole series on Netflix! It's not a long series and its one of those that leaves you hanging at every turn so it's pretty easy to watch them pretty quickly.  That "Just one more" mentality is another reason I am drinking ALL THE COFFEE on this monday after Day Light Savings Time.  


This recipe for Spinach enchiladas! Perfect for Fridays during Lent.  

That our current business venture pans out. 

Listening to:
Hallie. She never stops talking these days! (At ear piercing volumes mind you) 

Working on:

Refinishing a big girl bed for Hallie's room!
Also Birthday party prep for Hallie's 3rd birthday! I can't believe it's around the corner! Also that business venture ^ I posted about above! 

Looking Forward to: 
An upcoming Spa appointment! I got a gift card from a sweet friend almost a year ago! I planned to use it last week and ended up with the flu on the day I was supposed to go! Can't wait to reschedule! 

Loving: For Mommy:
You guys this is where I need your help! I have been SOOO focused on buying for Hallie that now I am in a Mommy Wardrobe Rut! What are some must haves for my Spring Wardrobe!?

For Hallie:
This adorable Mermaid Bathing Suit! Hal is super obsessed with mermaids lately. And also here is a little peek at her big girl bedding!

What have you been up to!?

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  1. That swimsuit is ADORABLE!! Love it!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your business venture... and totally jealous of your spa day!


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