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Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Mommy and Me Photos

I love making memories with Hallie and one of my favorite ways to do that is to make sure to get plenty of photos of Hallie and I together! Not to be depressing, but I know one day, Hallie will be without me, and I want her to have plenty of memories of the two of us to look back on.  I try not to worry about whether my hair is perfect or if I have makeup on or not, and be sure to get plenty of time in front of the camera with miss H! Here are some of the photos we got together this month while prepping for Valentines Day!

Be sure to check out ForTay Fabrications to snag some of those Funky Gold Leggings
or your own custom dress like Hallie's adorable Valentine Dress! 
We are ALWAYS so satisfied with EVERYTHING that she sews!!
<3 Kelly 

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