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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hallie's Valentine Wardrobe Staples

Pretty much as soon as New Years Champagne Glasses have clinked and Christmas decorations have been tucked away, Hallie and I start planning for and celebrating Valentines Day!  Today I am sharing some of the fun Valentine Staples we have in Hallie's wardrobe!
1, 2 and 4- Festive Turbans for Tots Bows-  Turbans for Tots has a lot of adorable Valentine options, but these are a few of my favorites! 

3.  June and January Tights- We have them in Bubblegum for Valentines Day but they come in a variety of fun colors! We have also snagged a pair of slate and the old onyx stripe! 

5. Bubblegum June and January Swing Dress- Again a ton of adorable options, but Bubblegum just screams Valentines Day! Be looking out for their Valentine Exclusives that drop on Friday! We might just have to grab some of those precious pieces as well!! 

6.  Old Navy Fit and Flair Dress- I just LOVE the way this dress looks on Hal! It is super girly and the color is just yummy!

7. Custom Dress From ForTay Fabrications- You still have time to order! Do it fast! She has so many cute options to choose from! Remember Hallie's Valentine Dress from last year....same lady! The dress pictured is a sneak peek of the dress I ordered this year! 

8. Carters Valentine Pajamas- I just love how snuggly they are...plus Mommy might have a similar pair to match!

What are your kids wearing this Valentines Day?
Kelly and Hallie


  1. That custom dress is ADORABLE!! Love, love, love!! I am also obsessed with all the adorable bows... of course! Hallie is going to be the best dressed valentine for sure! ;)

  2. so cute! i just ordered a pink heart dress for violet :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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