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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hallieisms Take 8

A new year, a new batch of Hallieisms!

  • Hallie is really into mimicking everything we say! Including terms of endearment. She is known to say "Thanks Babe!" when Daddy hands her something.  
  • I told her recently to "Hop down" off of something she was climbing. She shot right back at me, "I will NOT hop! I am NOT a bunny!" Touche!
  • One of Hallie's friends has a of couple dogs that are not the friendliest. They are a bit skittish around kids, so I always try to steer her away from playing with them in case they get scared and nip. She walked up to one of them and screamed "Just give me a chance dog!" I couldn't stop laughing, which of course Hallie didn't take kindly!
  • Around Halloween, Hallie invented an imaginary friend that would do all the naughty things in the house. If something went missing or was damaged it was Snoop's fault.  Snoop also in true Hallie fashion was an animal that liked to change form.  One day he was a dog, the next a bat, and the Snoop that scratched Pop's living room table with a rock was a Goat.  Luckily for us, Snoop has seemed to disappear! Thank Goodness!
  • I am going to have to get a video of this one, it is just too good not to actually hear! Hallie heard a lady on Halloween get scared of a man in a mask. She ran across the street screaming "Oh my GOD!" So Hallie liked to go around telling the story and get very animated exclaiming she said "OH MY DOD!" She still uses it to exclaim a lot of things! Looking at Christmas lights, "Oh My Dod, more lights!" Or "Oh my Dod that baby is adorable!" lol
  • She for some reason was calling a Skunk a Slob.....I guess thats not too far off!
  • She sneezed and I wasn't quick enough with a "God bless you" so she said to herself "God Bless Myself!" 
  • She likes to respond "Okie Dokie" When I ask her to do something
  • Same night as the infamous hilarious "I like Dogs Better than people" comment, she was sitting quietly in the back seat and said.  "My hands smell great!" I was like oh yeah? That's great! And she responds immediately "I put spit on them"....gross!
  • On Thanksgiving we asked her what she was Thankful for and she would respond with, whoever was in the room plus her "Happy Birthday" Such a people pleaser! 
  • If she is hurt or not feeling good and then you ask her a little while later how she is feeling, she'll say "Much More Better!" 
  • Speaking of getting hurt, She fell and scraped her knee outside of her Pop's store. I took her back inside to get a band-aid and Pop started to fix her up.  She looked right at him and said "Pop, you are NOT a Doctor!" 
  • She is starting to name all of her stuffed animals.  One day I asked her the name of the puppy she was playing with.  She said "Slim" so I shot back, mostly under my breath, "Like Slim Shady?" And she exclaims "YES! That Ezactly it! SLIM SHADY! Come here Slim Shady! Good Slim Shady!" OOPS!!
  • We had just shown up to a friends house and were getting out of the car.  There were some men outside working on the power lines or something.  Hallie walked right up to them and asked "Oh are you camping?"
  •  Have I mentioned that all cars are named Carmine? She will actually talk to our Carmine while we are driving and say "Go CARMINE! Go faster to the finish line!"
  • If I am trying to get her down for a nap she'll say a la Anna "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!"
She is getting more hilarious every day! Here are all of her other Hallieisms in case you missed them!
<3 Kelly


  1. I liked her Nutcracker adventure and "Can the sugar plumb fairy fly mama?" "Where's Clara? Where's the rats?"

  2. Lol there were a few on here I hadn't heard yet. Love them

  3. LOL oh my dod - Slim Shady!! I still love the liking dogs better than people. Me too Hal... me too. ;)


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