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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2 1/2 years of Hallie Anne

Well, Hallie turned 2 1/2 over the Holidays (12-21) but I thought I would wait until after the chaos to update you on my sweet, hilarious, tall, Tall, TALL girl! She just brings us so much joy and every minute with her is exciting! 
Age- 2 1/2 years, and she never forgets to remind people of the half!

Weight- Still under 22 lbs last we checked.

Length- 35 inches tall!! That's 2 inches in 6 months!

Size- Still so proud of my potty trained girl! Pants, PJs and Skirts- 18 month (though most times we still need to take in the waist) and Shirts and dresses- 2T Need the length!!

Eyes- Most of the time they look green or brown but they are still big and beautiful!

Hair- Light brown and super long! I keep saying I want to cut it, but I can't bring myself to do it! It will likely be down passed her tushy before I get the courage to do it! 

Sleeping- 1 nap (1 1/2 to 2 hours) and 11 hours at night.

Favorite Foods-  Carb addict like her momma, fruit, and sweets. Loves pasta, pizza, hotdogs, strawberries and anything with sugar! She says her favorite food is potatoes today! Haha!

Milestones- Her ever extending vocabulary, help with dressing herself, washing hands and helping in the kitchen. I love that now I don't have to remind her to go potty (most times!) And she can do a 30 piece puzzle by herself. 

Memorable outings and events- Birthday parties, photo shoots, ballet class, First Nutcracker, pumpkin patch, family holiday traditions over the holidays

Favorite toys/activities-  Stuffed animals (Especially my puppy!) Baby June, Coloring and Arts and Crafts, puzzles, Play Kitchen and shopping cart, bike, trampoline, Princess Castle, and Dress up clothes and Minnie and Daisy

Words/sounds- The kid loves to talk! She is completely conversational and says HUGE words like Interesting and frustrated! She literally has me dying laughing at all the hilarious things she says ( Be looking for a new Halllieisms post soon but here's a little taste:) We were driving in the car looking at the Super Moon a month or so back and it was pretty quiet.  All of a sudden, out of the blue, Hallie exclaims "I like dogs better than people" we both kind of stifled a stunned laugh because okay we always knew she loved animals, but wait doesn't she love us more than dogs at least?! So we asked her, "what about us? do you like Daddy better than dogs?" then she confirms "No! I like myself better than dogs!"  

Nicknames- H, Hal, Sweet pea, peanut and bean

Looking forward to- Decorating her new room and playroom when we buy a new house, hopefully a well deserved family vacation soon and of course planning that 3rd birthday party that is going to make this momma cry like a baby!

Big girl, I know these next few months will fly by and before I blink you will be three, but please try to slow down! 


  1. Awww!! I love her on her bike!! She looks so determined!! Also... it reminds me of my first bike. :)


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