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Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Treats

Hello Friends,
I know it's been a while. I went from working pretty heavily on Socklings to distancing myself from the brand for personal reasons,  Now I'm back here and ready to blog!

For my first post back, I thought I would share the delicious treats Hallie and I have been baking!
This time of year is so fun now that Hallie is old enough to really help and get excited about all the Christmasy To-dos!

We of course have had so many requests for the special Linzer cookies, that I have been making batch after batch of them.  You can find the recipe here! They really make the perfect Holiday treat!

If jam isn't your jam, Hallie and I also created these DELECTABLE Brownie Bites, that were really a hit!

1 package of boxed brownies (prepared according to package)
2 1/2  bags of milk chocolate chips

Prepare brownies according to directions on box and let slightly cool.
While still warm crumble brownies into a bowl.
melt 1 bag of chocolate chips in a large measuring cup/ bowl slowly. (I do 30 seconds at a time stirring after each time until completely melted)
Once melted completely, stir into brownie mix and refrigerate for 30 minutes,
Once cold, form balls of dough into bite size pieces. Refrigerate again while preparing chocolate dip.
Melt the remaining chocolate chips using the same method as before.
Once completely melted, dip the brownie bites into the melted chocolate dip until completely covered.  Tap side of the bowl after each dip to remove excess chocolate.  Drop onto plate.  Repeat until all covered in chocolate and top with sprinkles.

These were so easy and so delicious!

What are your favorite holiday treats?
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. Can I have 4 dozen of the Linzer Cookies for my birthday, please and thank you ❤️


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