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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas with Purple Moments Photography

I love that Larissa has been there since Hallie was itty bitty to capture all of her special moments! First Christmas, First Birthday and so on! This years Christmas Photos with Purple Moments Photography were no exception.

My Mom saved some of my baby clothes and gave them to me when we found out that she was a girl. One of the things she saved was a darling Christmas dress that I was so excited that Hallie would fit in this year! Around October I tried it on her just to be safe! Thank Goodness I checked because, GIRLFRIEND IS TALL!! So much taller than I was at this age! Luckily if you look at it from the front only it worked for a photo or two, so I called up Larissa and made sure it was okay if we included it in our Christmas photo session and I quickly found a Christmas dress that would work for the rest of our Christmas festivities!

I just LOVE how the photos turned out! Larissa is just so amazing and I am so thankful for her and the special moments she has captured for us!

The dress looks so precious on Hallie!
And of course so is the dress we picked out from This and That For Kids

I couldn't be happier with these special photos! And as an added treat, I leave you with this sweet comparison!
<3 Kelly and Hallie

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  1. WOW! The resemblance between you and Hal is uncanny!!!!!! That's incredible!!! Such sweet holiday pictures!! Love them!!


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