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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hallieween 2016

Another Halloween is in the bag, and Hallie really enjoyed this one! She had a blast running to each house getting candy and was so polite saying please and thank you! She totally rocked her Ariel Costume and insisted that Mommy be Belle. She even enjoyed watching Mommy and Daddy carve the pumpkin, but in true princess fashion, refused to touch the pumpkin guts! All in all, it was a wonderful Halloween! 

 Top and Mermaid skirt: Carken Designs Mermaid Doll: Lunnita Studio   Crown: Mommy Made :)

 Of course a dinglehopper photo!

Our Kitty Pumpkin, Jack.  Every time she passed him she would yell, HI JACK! 
I have to say, Belle was the perfect costume to hide my bandages from my surgery!


  1. LOL love the picture of Hallie with her dinglehopper!!! This is the best mermaid costume ever!!

  2. I just love Hallies little mermaid costume!! Y'all have the best costumes.


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