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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Noah's Bandage Project

Did you know that September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month? Did you know that only 4% of cancer research budget goes to Pediatric Cancer? I didn't until I received an email from a fellow blogger telling me about something called Noah's Bandage Project.

Noah was a little boy who lived in the Kansas City area with his family.  A year ago Noah went to Heaven.  Before this strong little boy became an angel he started something pretty amazing at the tender age of 6.  Noah's Bandage Project.  Here's a quick background on Noah that I received from his family's neighbor who is helping to keep this project going:

"While going through his own treatment, he quickly realized how un-cool it was to just have the boring skin colored bandages all over his body with all the pricks and pokes that comes with treatment for pediatric cancer.  If he felt that way, he knew other kids did too.  He started a drive to collect fun bandaids (that all our kids love) and distributed them to other kids at Children's Mercy Hospital in downtown KC.  What started as a small drive, turned into something much bigger.  The KC Royal's got involved, the KC news, etc.  While he did end up passing away in June 2015, his family and friends are working hard to ensure this amazing project lives on." 

Now while my own daughter, oddly hates having band-aids, stickers, tattoos, etc stuck to her skin, I know she is not in the majority. I also couldn't pass up an opportunity to teach Hallie about giving to other's in need.  

So this month on one of our weekly Target trips, I explained to Hallie that not all kids are as healthy as her.  That sadly some of them had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. I explained to her about little Noah, and told her what he wanted to do for kids like him.  I told her to choose 2 boxes of bandages to send to these sweet kiddos. She gladly chose Princess and Finding Dory Band-aids! 

When we got home I told Hallie to make a little picture to include with our package for Noah's Mom.  She eagerly colored a stickered (as long as they aren't on her skin, this kid LOVES stickers) a sweet note for Deb, Noah's mom and we sent out our band-aids! 

Hallie and I had a great time with this project. I feel that it is so important to teach kids even as young as Hallie to give back to others. This was such a fun and sweet project to be a part of, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

To learn more about Noah's Bandage Project or to make a donation for Pediatric Cancer Research, check out the website. <3 Kelly and Hallie

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  1. Such a wonderful project. Had no idea that peds cancer only gets that small amount.


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