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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hallieisms Take 7

This age is just so much fun! Hallie is hilarious and getting funnier by the second! Here are my recent favorite Hallieisms:

  • I REALLY wish I had this one on video, but sometimes if you ask Hallie a question such as "Do you want grapes with lunch" she will exclaim "ACT-UALLY, I want (insert preferred fruit here)" 
  • Hallie pretty much knows everything about every Disney movie out there, and we often listen to Disney Pandora.  She can tell you in the first few seconds who is singing the song.  My favorite is "Love is an Open Door" because she will say "MOM! It's Princess Anna and Prince Hans Southern isles!" It's pretty much the cutest ever! She also calls Repunzel "TIMpunzel"
  • Speaking of Princess movies, did you know that my daughter is no longer a "girl" If you refer to her as such, she will tell you "NO! I'm a Pincess!!!!" One day she saw her reflection in the window and exclaimed "OH! There's a pincess in the window" She also for the most part refuses to wear pants and shorts and insists on dresses, skirts and tutus...even with her pajamas! She sometimes also refers to me as "Pincess Mom" if I am wearing a dress. In fact the other day I happened to spill something on my dress and I had to change.  When I came back in jeans in a Tshirt she said in the saddest voice ever : "You're not a pincess anymore?" and started crying! (I'm such a disappointment!)
  • Another one I seriously need to get on video: Hallie will ask for "Other one paci" or "Other one dress" instead of saying I want the other dress or the other paci! Its adorable!
  • This one gives me all of the warm fuzzies! She tells us "Mom, Dad, you're my family!"
  • The other day I gave Hallie a cookie and asked her, "What do you say?" expecting a simple "Thank you" And she screams "Happy Birthday to Me!" and devours the cookie! (Cool!) 
  • If you ask her "Are you sure?" she responds "I sure, sure!"
  • She likes to tell us that things are her "favorite in WHOLE world!" Usually she is talking about Stella
  • I still die laughing every time I think about this one! We were sitting at the breakfast table and Hallie was playing with a Melissa and Doug Cake  She took one of the round cake decorations and handed it to me and said "Peace be with you!" She is getting parts of Mass mixed up, but it was the funniest cutest thing ever! I love that she is starting to participate in Church!
  • Christopher came home from work really tired the other day and went to close his eyes in the bedroom before dinner. Hallie climbed up on him and opened his eyelid with her finger and asked him "Do you want to build a snowman?!" Sometimes she will also tell him "It is NOT bedtime yet!"
  • We were about to put Hallie to bed and had just finished reading books and saying prayers in our room! Christopher picked her up to carry her to bed while I turned on "Pretty Little Liars" the theme song came on and she pointed to the TV and said "Can I watch this? It's my favorite!" (That's my girl!) 
  • We were in the car and Hallie asked us some question I can't quite remember, because just as she asked it she exclaimed "NOT!!!" Where the heck did she learn this!?
  • A coin is a "Toiny"
  • When you have something she wants she will ask you "Can I borrow it?!" 
  • Everything is happening "Next week" even if she means in 2 minutes! "Mom can I go swimming next week?" "Sure honey" "Okay I get my swimsuit!" Well played daughter!
  • We were about to go to Jimmy Johns with my cousin for Lunch.  In the car Hallie started talking to her pony that she brought with her saying "Pony you want to go to Jimmy Johns, okay we can go? Do you want water or milk?" It was so cute hearing her mimic me!
  • This is SOOOO a Daddyism! She noticed her nail polish was chipping and said "Mom, this little piggy is busted!" (Good job Daddy!)
  • She likes to pretend to scare you, but will inform you before she does, so the other day she told her Daddy, "Okay, I gonna freak you out!" Ha!
  • "Mom can I watch little Einsteins" (I ask myself out loud not sure if it was too close to when we have to leave "Maybe, what time is it") Hallie exclaims "15!" Love her!
Can't wait to experience all of the other cute fun she has in store for us! If you missed out on the rest of her Hallieisms, check them out HERE!


  1. Soooo cute! The one about Mass is pretty darn funny. :)

  2. She cracks me up! I love her on point references to frozen, her need to be a princess and her love of all things dresses and girly!

  3. LOL at her opening Dad's eyelid and asking if he wants to build a snowman and the peace (piece?) being with you moment!! Love the picture of you all reading together. So so sweet.


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