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Friday, September 30, 2016

Princess Hair

I was so excited to find out I was having a girl! Immediately my dreams of having tea parties and buying dresses seemed more of a reality as soon as the technician said "It's a girl".  I couldn't stop thinking of all of the fun girly things I did as a child that now I would get to do with Hallie! One of the things I have been waiting to do with Hallie is use sponge curlers in her hair!

So Imagine my surprise when Hallie realized at 2, that she "Didn't have princess hair" and wanted to know how we could "fix it!" A few weeks ago,  Hallie saw a photo on instagram of a little girl with sponge curlers in her hair, and I decided it was time to introduce Hallie to the magic of "Overnight Curls"

To my surprise after bath last night, Hallie sat very still and let me put the curlers in!

 We got the curlers in in record time, however Mommy probably needs to look up some tips on where and how to place them for next time.  Hallie did feel incredibly special in her curlers before bed though.  It was pretty cute watching her run around in them letting them bob up and down!

Now getting her to sleep was a lot harder than I expected! She kept saying "I can't lay my head down!" but she didn't want to take the curlers out because she desperately wanted "Princess Hair" She finally passed out on me around 9:30 and I moved her to her crib.

She was so excited to wake up and take the curlers out this morning! Like I said, Mommy needs a little practice, but they did turn out pretty adorable! And every time she sees herself in a mirror, she says "Oooh a Princess!"

Oh Princess Hallie! You make your Momma's heart so happy! To see you enjoying all the same things I did as a child brings me so much joy!
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. Oh me. The sponge curlers!! I totally understand Hallie girl. That was the first time I realized that being a princess was pain!! It looks adorable on you though!!

  2. Ahhhh so cute!!! I dont think Olivia's is long enough to curl yet, but what a sweet look!


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