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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ben the Rooster

Hallie and I just found the cutest thing! It's another Mail Subscription Service called "Ben the Rooster" and it's awesome! Ben the Rooster is an adorable Pen Pal for 2-6 year old kids! Ben's main goal is for kids to learn to enjoy reading!

Each Month Ben sends your child 2 post cards for your to read to/with your child.  Then the child writes back to Ben with the included response card and stamp.

This month Ben asked Hallie what her favorite book was, and if we could share a of it! Hallie wrote back to Ben telling him that her favorite book was "Pinkalicious" and she "drew a picture" of Pinkalicious's Pink Cupcakes! It was so darling, and she had an absolute BLAST!

Hallie loves getting mail and I love supporting small businesses that endorse the importance of reading for kids! We just can't wait to see what Ben has to say next!

To learn more about Ben, check him out at or on Facebook and Instagram!
Also get your first month FREE with the code: LAUNCHPARTY


  1. Thanks for the support, friend! I'm so glad Hallie is liking Ben! Lot of work to get it off the ground, but the response from kids has been incredible! Also, pinkalicious is a favorite in our house too!

  2. This is awesome!! We need stuff like this in Canada too!!


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