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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Menu Board

Good afternoon friends.  I know I have been a little MIA.  Things around the Mock house are really busy now that I am essentially working 2 jobs and taking care of my crazy 2 year old bean! Anyway, today I wanted to share the going away gift I made for my cousin Karley.  She is moving to Montana and it will be the first time she is going to be living far away from home.  I thought I would make her something functional that she would us every day.  That way, when she uses it she could think of home and of course, ME! Ha!

I decided on a Menu Board because she had admired mine, and we were going to make one together before the move but ran out of time.  Here's how it turned out:

I just got a bunch of scrapbook paper and glued it down to a magnet board. I made a pocket with stickers and more scrapbook paper and glued magnet to bottle caps and decorated them with stickers! Karley liked it a lot and I think it turned out super cute! 

<3 Kelly 

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