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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I love my job

If you don't know, I recently joined on as the Social Media and Marketing Director for Socklings.  Besides making an amazing made in America product, when I met with our Founder Ericka, I INSTANTLY knew I had to be a part of the company because of her goal.  Ericka explained to me that her boss's daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome; a very rare neurological disorder that predominately affects girls. These baby girls are born "normal", but begin to show symptoms of the disorder.  Most girls with the disorder cannot walk, speak or use their hands. Many wear AFO braces to help them stand and walk with assistance.  These braces can be rough, and that's where Ericka wants to step in with Socklings!
We want Socklings to become a "Buy a pair, Give a pair" company.  We would love to be able to donate socklings to kids with disabilities such as Rett syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc.  Kids that need to be in braces or have to be in the hospital for an extended period of time.  These Socklings could not only protect those kids legs who are required to be in braces, but also put a smile on their faces.  Hospitals are a bland scary place for kids, and with the bright fun patterns and colors of Socklings, we're hoping to be able to cheer them up! With every purchase, we get one step closer to meeting that ultimate goal!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting sweet 8 year old Luz and her family. Luz was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome around the age of two, but this strong little girl has always been fighting for her life.  Yesterday we got to take pictures of beautiful Luz in Socklings that we were able to donate to her.  It was such an amazing and heart warming experience to meet this family.  That feeling I got when Ericka explained her goals to me when I sat down with her that first day just exploded! I have never wanted something to take off so badly as I do now.  These girls and these families need our help. I feel so lucky to be working with such a wonderful company.  Be looking out for our Kickstarter next month!  Big things are happening here at Socklings!

To learn more about Rett Syndrom check out Girl Power to Cure
To read more about Luz and her family view her page on Girl Power to Cure
To purchase a pair of Socklings and help our team reach our goals, head to the Socklings website.

<3 Kelly


  1. I love this! What a great story and way to give back!

  2. What an awesome cause to be part of!!!!! Great job ladies

  3. Oh I love that you guys donate to great causes like Rett Syndrome!

  4. I love the story behind the company!! And it's great that they give back. I'll have to buy a pair this fall for violet! thank you for sharing. xo jillian


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