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Monday, July 25, 2016

Sometimes you just need to dance in the rain!

Today started off pretty gloomy.  Hallie woke up not feeling great and it was clearly about to rain.  (Not that I minded because it was a welcome break from the 100+ days we've been having here in DFW) Regardless, it was just kind of a for lack of a better term "blah day".  We did a lot of resting, a lot of movie watching and a lot of drinking fluids! Thankfully after nap, Hallie was feeling much better and I was going stir crazy.  I let her grab her new umbrella and we headed outside to dance in the rain, because sometimes that' just what a "blah day" calls for!
 Umbrella-Target Dress-June and January Shoes-Toms Bow-Turbans For Tots Socks- Socklings


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