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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mixing Colors

Hallie finally knows all of her colors so I thought it would be fun to show her how to mix Primary colors to make Secondary colors! She had SO much fun! 

 First I prepared a piece of paper with dabs of paint for her to mix together to create each color.  

 Then I walked her through mixing each set.  I would have her predict what color each mixture would make, and then I would tell her to mix it! It was so fun watching her amazed little face when a new color appeared on the paper!

Once we had mixed all of the colors, Hallie asked to paint some more! She had a blast! The little things!

What are your favorite art activities? 
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. How fun! My daughter did a similar project in preschool along with the Mix It Up book.
    My favorite activity is puffy paint!

  2. What a good idea! She looks like she is having so much fun!

  3. oh my gosh I love your paint tray! I want one.


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