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Friday, July 15, 2016

Hooray Mail!

Hallie has a new favorite thing! It is called Hooray Mail and it is the neatest thing ever! It reminds me of getting Highlights magazines as a kid, but way cooler! It is a subscription service where Hallie can get her very own mail twice a week!

Hallie really enjoys getting mail and of course all mail says the same exact thing "Dear Hallie, come to Hallie's birthday party, the end!" Poor kid is going to be waiting a while for her next birthday party! At least in the mean time we have Hooray Mail! 

 I love that with Hooray mail, you get to choose who the mail comes from. We chose "Mommy and Daddy"  and Hallie got so excited when I read the address line and squealed "You give me mail Momma!?" 

 Each letter has a personalized note from us to Hallie and a fun learning activity for the child!
 This month's was Fourth of July themed and all about the presidents.

 Hallie couldn't wait to get inside and start working on her activities!
 The activities this month had a puzzle that Hallie got to color.  Then we had to cut it out and let Hallie put the pieces back in order. Then on the back there was a huge flag.  The extension activity was to count the stripes on the flag as well as the points on each star.  Then we talked about the colors on the flag! 
Hallie really enjoyed it and can't wait to get her next letter later this month!
Want to learn more about Hooray Mail?  
Check out their: Website/Facebook/Instagram
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. What a cool service!!! What kid doesn't love mail? How special.

  2. That is so cool! Annabelle loves getting mail. The grandparents and great grand parents send cards a lot and she love it.


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