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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hallie's 2 Year Photos

Hallie's 2 year photos are finally here! Let me tell you, they were totally worth the wait!!
These photos totally show off Hallie's little personality and I couldn't be more in love with them...also Hello 2 year old attitude!

The pout! This face was actually brought on by my sweet photographer's daughter who is one of Hal's friends...they are only 3 weeks apart.  Darling Mira was equally excited about Hallie's balloons...Hallie was NOT having it!

 Hallie of course had to make sure to add some dancing to her 2 year shoot...her favorite thing to do! Look at those moves!

 And this is what happens when my kid sees a dog...

 Some kids might be scared of a dog 5X their size..not my kid!

 Poor sweet Mira...This was definitely a stare down...I can just hear Hallie "Don't touch my balloons!" 2 year olds!

Hope you enjoyed! To view the rest of the photos, head over to Whitney's Photography page


  1. The. Puppy. Kisses. I dieeeeeeeeeee!!! (The pout... Such a twonager!!)

  2. Where did u take these? So cute!!!


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