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Monday, July 11, 2016

Come Inside, It's Fun Inside: Hallie's 2nd Birthday Party

I am FINALLY getting around to posting about Hallie's Mouskaparty! Between helping launch a new business and being sick over here (2x now! Once possible West Nile Virus...yes only me!) blogging has been a bit on the back burner! 

But this week I am back and ready to rock and roll! 

So without further ado: Hallie's Mouskaparty:
So many helping hands went into this party! Thanks to my Mother in Law for helping with the food, and My aunt Jane, Father in Law, Sweet husband and Sisters for helping me decorate!
We had a photo booth! I made ALL of the props myself which was so fun, and everyone really enjoyed taking photos! I wish more people had used the #Halliesclubhouse, but it was still a fun idea! 

Mrs Sindi and Mr Justin came all the way from Houston to help Hal celebrate! 

 My sweet Cleo and Sadie

In the entry way, everyone got to choose some ears to wear!

 The party bags! I forgot to get a view of the back, but each one said "Oh toodles" and the kid's names! My Mom actually helped me make these back in March

 Homemade Ribbon Banner
 The Cupcakes, which were a HUGE hit! Hallie had decided months ago that she would eat a Daisy one and she enjoyed telling everyone else which kind they could eat too!
 Goofy's Gooey Fish (Swedish Fish and Goldfish)
 Mickey Oreo Pops (Cleo and Sadie helped me make)
 The Handy Helper Station 
 Mickey's Clubhouse Sandwiches 
 Pete's Popcorn (Butter and Chocolate Covered Strawberry) 
 Minnie's Bowtie Pasta

The infamous Chalkboard!

 The Mantle complete with the wooden letters I made, the invitation and Hallie's gorgeous Minnie Doll!
 Another handmade Banner
 The invitation
 Minnie Doll and Hallie's Letters

 My "Oh Toodles Banner"
My Aunt Jane made all of these adorable paper flowers! 

 Paper Straws and Mickey Cups
 Clubhouse Father in Law and Husband were kind enough to create this sign! Hallie and I painted it!
 I made the "Come inside it's fun inside sign" 
 Donald's Cheese and Quackers
 Chip and Dale's Chips and Dip

 Pluto's Hot Diggity Dog Bar
 Bucket Toss Game
 Pin the Bow on Minnie game

 My silly Nephew, Matt He said "I like Donald because he's grumpy!" lol

 The Dress and the Bow
Moccasins- Freshly Picked of course 

 Our WHOLE Mom's group was there! It's seriously a Mystical occurrence! 

 My FIL also made us Mommy and Daddy shirts! 

And that's that! It was a really fun party! Thank you to everyone who helped and those who came to celebrate 2 years of this girl!
Kelly and Hallie


  1. All these details are so cute!! Love the letters you made and the photo booth!! Those party bags are DARLING!!!!!!

  2. Her was adorable. That is too cute that you and the girls wore Minnie mouse shirts too. You did a great job!

  3. What a fun, cute party!! Love the details and her dress!!!

  4. Wow, the details and work you put in! And her little outfit was tooo cute!

  5. How much fun!! Congratulations on the business as well!

  6. Love all the crafty things you worked so hard on!!! plus, the shirts. Super cute.


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