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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Currently July

Hello Friends and Happy Thursday! Life has been busy here at the Mock house. Here's what we have been up to!

I really really need to get back to the Library! I have a few books on my list, but I have been just too busy! Hallie misses Storytime though. So that's definitely on my to-do list for next week! 

Nothing really! We actually don't have cable, So we have been watching a lot of reruns on Netflix and that's about it! It's kind of refreshing actually...but I can't say I don't miss my DVR!

Coffee Coffee Coffee and more coffee! 

We got some rain this week which made me want soup! I made my first pot of Chicken and Dumplings a little early this year!

That all of my hard work pays off! 

Listening to:
Hallie has been requesting Disney Pandora almost every day!

Working on:

Socklings! Lots and lots of work for Socklings! But I love it! 

Looking Forward to:  
Fall! This heat is getting exhausting! 

Loving: For Mommy:
My new Erin Condren planner...most of you know I am a planner snob and this one is AMAZING! I might have spent $100. on this website...oops!

For Hallie:
I am OBSESSED with the Mellow Melon Socklings! I can't wait to get them for Hal! Pre-order ends Aug. 1st...go order now! 

What have you been up to?
<3 Kelly 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mixing Colors

Hallie finally knows all of her colors so I thought it would be fun to show her how to mix Primary colors to make Secondary colors! She had SO much fun! 

 First I prepared a piece of paper with dabs of paint for her to mix together to create each color.  

 Then I walked her through mixing each set.  I would have her predict what color each mixture would make, and then I would tell her to mix it! It was so fun watching her amazed little face when a new color appeared on the paper!

Once we had mixed all of the colors, Hallie asked to paint some more! She had a blast! The little things!

What are your favorite art activities? 
<3 Kelly and Hallie

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sometimes you just need to dance in the rain!

Today started off pretty gloomy.  Hallie woke up not feeling great and it was clearly about to rain.  (Not that I minded because it was a welcome break from the 100+ days we've been having here in DFW) Regardless, it was just kind of a for lack of a better term "blah day".  We did a lot of resting, a lot of movie watching and a lot of drinking fluids! Thankfully after nap, Hallie was feeling much better and I was going stir crazy.  I let her grab her new umbrella and we headed outside to dance in the rain, because sometimes that' just what a "blah day" calls for!
 Umbrella-Target Dress-June and January Shoes-Toms Bow-Turbans For Tots Socks- Socklings

Friday, July 22, 2016


I can't believe how big Hallie has gotten, but it really hit me when we went back to ballet class this week! I dusted off her ballet shoes (last worn in April) and went to put them on her and it was like trying to fit the glass slipper on Anastasia and Drizella (that is the correct spelling btw..I was shocked!)
Anyway, I finally convinced Hallie who was sobbing to put on some moccs and promised to take her shopping for some new ballet shoes this weekend, and we headed to class.  She had a blast!

 Practicing Passe 



Friday, July 15, 2016

Hooray Mail!

Hallie has a new favorite thing! It is called Hooray Mail and it is the neatest thing ever! It reminds me of getting Highlights magazines as a kid, but way cooler! It is a subscription service where Hallie can get her very own mail twice a week!

Hallie really enjoys getting mail and of course all mail says the same exact thing "Dear Hallie, come to Hallie's birthday party, the end!" Poor kid is going to be waiting a while for her next birthday party! At least in the mean time we have Hooray Mail! 

 I love that with Hooray mail, you get to choose who the mail comes from. We chose "Mommy and Daddy"  and Hallie got so excited when I read the address line and squealed "You give me mail Momma!?" 

 Each letter has a personalized note from us to Hallie and a fun learning activity for the child!
 This month's was Fourth of July themed and all about the presidents.

 Hallie couldn't wait to get inside and start working on her activities!
 The activities this month had a puzzle that Hallie got to color.  Then we had to cut it out and let Hallie put the pieces back in order. Then on the back there was a huge flag.  The extension activity was to count the stripes on the flag as well as the points on each star.  Then we talked about the colors on the flag! 
Hallie really enjoyed it and can't wait to get her next letter later this month!
Want to learn more about Hooray Mail?  
Check out their: Website/Facebook/Instagram
<3 Kelly and Hallie
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