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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

That time we almost ended up with a new dog

Hi friends! I promise I still love all of you! It's just been one thing after another over here.  First the hubby came home with Bronchitis, then Hallie ended up with Croup...again! And this Mommy was JUST diagnosed with Sinusitis and possible strep with also means a probably tonsillectomy for guess who? Joy oh joy! I'll be speaking with a specialist in the next few weeks!

Anywho, Don't let me bore you with any more medical stuff, just wanted to explain why I have been MIA...again! I am really here to tell you the story about the time we almost ended up with a new dog:
It all started just days before we moved out of our house. I was coming home from work to pack more boxes and had just turned into our neighborhood when I see this little baby almost get hit by a truck.
I of course got out and grabbed the sweet girl (who was shaking from almost being demolished by a truck and from the 2 giant dogs barking "I'm going to eat you" threats from across the street!) and put her in my car. She was a little muddy so I put her on the floorboards. Without skipping a beat she jumped into the front seat, licked my arm profusely and started smiling at me.

I got to the house and ran in to get Stella's leash and tell Christopher about out sweet find.  He suggested we walk around the neighborhood for a while hoping to find the owner while I called Petsmart to make an appointment for her to check to see if she was chipped.  Christopher hopped on our neighborhood Nextdoor site to see if anyone had posted about a missing dog.

He luckily was able to track down her owner and they made arrangement for the owner to come immediately to pick her up.  But oh, the story does not end here my friends. 30 minutes goes by, no owner...

By this time it was passed dinner time and we had already packed up our kitchen so Christopher ordered some Thai food for us while we waited for the owner. During this time...Hal literally falls in love with this dog. She even shared a sticker with her. We start wondering if the owner is even coming at all.  I joke with Hallie about what she is going to name her new dog.  She decides on the ever popular name "CharlieAndLola Anne Mock"
Ps excuse our lawn, the lawnmower conveniently died the day after we signed the papers on the house 

Food comes...still no owner. We decided to take her inside while we eat. Just as we are sitting down to eat, the owner FINALLY shows up...about 2 hours after I found the poor pup. Apparently this is a frequent occurrence for her. We learned that her name was Aria and that she had a LONG journey all the way from the opposite side of our neighborhood. Easily a 10 minute walk.

 Hallie sadly said her goodbyes to CharlieAnd Lola...err Aria. I almost wanted to keep her myself after hearing that she escapes so frequently and it takes the owner so long to find and retrieve her... Also since meeting miss Aria, Hal been asking for a puppy for her "Happy Birthday".  Now every time she sees a dog she says "I need it for my Happy Birthday!" We are in trouble folks!
So now there you have it friends: The story of how we almost ended up with a new dog!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Glad you were there to save and protect her until her owners got there!

  2. Aww! What a cute doggy! Guess what? You and I are like twins lol I got diagnosed with sinusitis and have to get my tonsils out because I get strep at least 3 times a year. I've been postponing that surgery for 7 yrs now. I'm bad, I know. I've just heard how horrible it is to get your tonsils removed when you're an adult...gulp!! Sorry you have to go through that 😘

    1. Oh no! Maybe we can get it done at the same time and suffer together! Feel better!

  3. Hope that you all feel better soon! So lucky you found that dog!

  4. Aww that makes me sad!! Hallie is so sweet with the pup though!! Feel better soon mama!

  5. Oh feel better, love! You've had such a rough go! My kids beg for a dog all the time! Love the name she chose!


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