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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Socklings Socks/Giveaway

Friends I have fallen in love again! Most of you know I have an obsession with baby/kid products! I have recently been introduced to Socklings Socks and Hallie and I are smitten!
Socklings are thigh high baby socks that stay snug on your child's feet as they squirm, crawl, run and play! Which is so great for us, because little Hallie sure does love to move! Before Socklings we were constantly losing socks and now those days are in the past! They also come in 4 of the cutest designs!
Dress- June and January
Socklings are 100% American Made and were created by Ericka Chapman, a Mom just like you and me, trying to solve a common sock phenomenon. "Why don't baby socks stay on!?" Well she has mastered it because we have been wearing these socks for weeks now, and never once have we lost one!
Shoes- Freshly Picked  Bow- Turbans for Tots
Not only did I fall in love with the product, but for me, it's always the people behind a company that move me.  Ericka was doing it all on her own, and because I believe in her so much, and because Socklings are the next best thing! I agreed to come on and join her on her journey! So I am now helping her out with her social media, and you should go check out our Instagram and Facebook pronto!
I love that there is a design to match all of our favorite things! Like our Freshly Picked Moccs, June and January Dresses and of course our Turbans for Tots bows (BTW if you haven't checked them out, go now!) 

Also because you guys are my favorite people ever, We are going to give one pair away to a lucky follower! Just follow the steps below!

I am so excited to share these amazing socks with you friends!

<3 Kelly a Rafflecopter giveaway


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