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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hallieisms Take 6

I know it's only been a few months since I have done a Hallieism's post, but this girl just keeps getting funnier and funnier! These are some of my recent favorites

  • When Hal comes into a room sometimes she will exclaim "Peeky Boo!" 
  • She knows her full name "Hallie Anne Mock" but if you ask her what your name is she will always add Anne to your name.  I am Mommy Anne, Daddy is Daddy Anne, Stella is Stella Anne...and so on!
  • Recently Hallie started getting remotes, phones and even her baby monitor and tapping on them saying "Testing, 123!" I laughed so hard the first time I heard her do it! I have no idea where she picked it up
  • She officially told her first fib! The Velcro on her jelly shoes broke and I asked her how it happened and she told me "Big Jet broke my Jelly shoes!" (Big Jet is the bad guy on Little Einsteins)  She also played her first trick.  She knocked on the door and told us "Somebody's here!" 
  • She is becoming very sympathetic.  If I get hurt she tells me "I kiss it" or "I get you tissue" 
  • Hallie LOVES Disney princesses! She recently started asking me to tie her blankets around her waist like a skirt and she will exclaim "I a Pincess!" 
  • This one has a bit of a back story.  Before Hallie came along, Christopher taught our dog Stella to bark when he said "Wanna fight?!" So we were having lunch with our playgroup at a local playground and the birds were crazy.  They kept trying to steal our food and eventually one of them nabbed a sandwich right out of Hal's hand. My sweet little teeny girl got so mad that she screamed at the bird, "Hey! Wanna Fight!" (FACEPALM!) 
  • One of our favorite books is Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes.  There is a part where they say "Goodness no!" So now Hallie likes to say "Oh goodness no!" and it's seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard!
  • When she wants you to open a marker she will ask you to "break it" 
  • We were in the grocery store and she was sitting in the cart.  As soon as I started moving it down the aisles she started yelling "Hallie to the Rescue!" 
  • If she can't reach something she says she needs a "Handy Helper" 
  • When we were packing up to move, Hallie found a teeny tiny bat that used to be her Daddy's when he was little.  She started running around hitting boxes telling us "This is called I smack it!" She is sooo her Daddy's girl!
  • As you know Hallie has been taking ballet class.  One of the steps is called an Attitude. It's basically a Arabesque with a bent leg.  One day Hallie was acting up and Christopher told her to change her attitude.  Without skipping a beat, she lifted her leg perfectly into Attitude position! That's my girl! 
  • When she is waiting for someone she will tell you they are "Coming right up!" Like when Tia Joyce was coming over she would say "Momma, Tia Joyce is coming right up!" 
  • We were in the driveway and Hallie saw a bug and she said "Aww a little bug! I love it soooo much, I gonna step on him!" 
  • Sometimes if she is trying to figure something out she will say "Oops this is tricky!" 
  • She was sitting in Daddy's lap and she leaned back on him and exclaimed "Ahh nice chair!" 
  • She keeps INSISTING I have a baby in my belly (I DEFINITELY DO NOT!) but she even told my doctor "Mommy has my baby sister in her belly, her name is Cindy-rella!" She also suggested that name as well as Jasmine to Christopher's cousin who had a baby boy recently 
  • She didn't want to finish her dinner so she put some on a fork and said "Say Ah!" and shoved it into my mouth! 
  • She was eating breakfast at the big table and she put her dolly baby June in the highchair and told my Father in Law "Pop, Baby June is my child!" Where does she get this stuff!?
  • Right before her birthday she started telling everyone "I'm gonna be 2 you know!" She would also invite EVERYONE she came across to her birthday party! And any piece of mail we got said "Hallie Anne, Come to Hallie's Birthday Party! The end!" 
  • Christopher asked Hallie to try and go potty and she tried for 2 seconds and then yelled "IT IS NOT WORKING!" 
She is just getting so big and hilarious! This age is just the best! I love it! 
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  1. Lol these actually had me lol-ingredients. "Wanna fight!" That was too funny

  2. These might be the best yet =) All adorable. I love that she adds Anne to all the names. Aria knows her full name and if strangers ask her name at the park she tells them her entire name. Always cracks me up. Yes, yes that is your name. Aria would be okay too. Before that she would answer Princess Aria.

  3. I love these! She has such a personality! I love that she thinks have a baby in your belly!

  4. I love these! She has such a personality! I love that she thinks have a baby in your belly!

  5. Hallie to the rescue!!! Love the loving a bug so much that she's going to step on him... LOL. She's a girl after my own heart!


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