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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Freshly Picked rehab and a sale you NEED to know about!

Hi friends! After the Freshly Picked sale last week, I think I need to go to rehab! "Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm an addict.  It's been one week since my last moccasin purchase!"
Though did everyone see the adorable Lemonade's that launched today?! They look like a tablecloth my grandmother had, and I am trying so hard not to send Susan Peterson ALL OF MY MONEY!!

Anyway friends, I wanted to share another up and coming brand with you folks that is soon to be ALL THE RAGE!
Socklings! These adorable socks are thigh high adorable baby socks sure to stay on your little ones made in the CUTEST patterns! I mean, kitty's on the knees!!!??? Could it get any cuter? Right now they are having a HUGE summer sale AND looking for some adorable boys to become brand reps! You have GOT to go check them out! And just because I like you, I am giving you a warning, that soon we will be posting a lovely giveaway with them, so please watch out for that!

<3 Kelly and Hallie

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  1. the lemonade moccasins are SO cute!! i bought a pair of gold mocs for vi but they are too small!! :( ugh so annoyed.


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