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Thursday, June 9, 2016

First day of Summer Break with the big girls

Last Friday was our first day of our Summer Schedule with my girlies at work...also known as the day we went into a sugar comma!

The girls knew that the first thing they wanted to do was hit up Bahama Bucks (a snow cone place we have here in Big D) but I had already planned on bringing donuts for National Donut Day.

So who says we couldn't do both?! It's Summer! No rules!

 We started off the day with some really delicious donuts! I let Hallie pick hers! Sprinkles of course!

Then after lunch we when out for a Bahama Bucks Date! 
 Hallie chose Birthday Cake (Probably because of the Sprinkles again!) 
 I had Sugar Cookie! So yummy!
The girls enjoyed a nice laid back first day of Summer before their crazy dance schedules begun and Hallie enjoyed a little sugar crash nap!

What are your summer plans?


  1. Mason LOVE sprinkles too! He got upset the other night because we gave him icecream with his sprinkles (face palm) we don't have a snowcone place down here but we does have a Hawaiian shaved ice food truck named What The Fluff which is super good.

  2. I love Bahama bucks! The only one I know is in Rockwall! Am I missing one??


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