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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Currently June

I cannot believe that June is half over. More importantly I can't believe that in 1 short week my little bean will be 2! How does time go so quickly!  As we prepare for the fun birthday festivities next week, I thought I would share what else is happening here in the Mock house!

I really really miss reading! I have been SOO busy this month that sadly my recreational reading has taken a hit! Any books I should put on my summer reading list though???

Hallie and I have been watching a bunch of Disney movies and we are so ready for the premier of Finding Dory!!!

I have actually been pretty good at carrying my water bottle around with me again since the plague took over our house last week!

Lots and lots of soup! We have all been trying to get plenty of fluids around here! However, I am anxious to try some pinterest recipes when everyone is feeling better! This one looks YUMMY!

That all of the things our family has been working so hard on pan out! 

Listening to:
Lately a ton of John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Nora Jones...must be the rain!

Working on:

The last few to do's for Hal's party....and something else ;)

Looking Forward to:  
Seeing how excited Hallie gets at her party!

Loving: For Mommy:
I've been needing a new wallet! My Dad gave me a Coach GC for my birthday and I THINK I am going to pull the trigger on this one!

For Hallie:
Old Navy is KILLING it with patriotic clothes for kids! I am OBSESSED with this one!

What have you been up to?
<3 Kelly 


  1. oooh coach wallets! The coach outlet in orlando is my fave =)
    We are excited to go see Dory too!
    So close to a second birthday, can't wait to see all the fun!

  2. I just put Finding Nemo on for Mila this past weekend - hoping to take her to see Finding Dory for her first movie! Can't wait to hear about Hallie's party!

  3. We are super excited to see Dori, too!! Also, looking forward to seeing pics of Halle's birthday party!


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