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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2 years of Hallie Anne

Oh baby girl! You are my baby girl who is not so much a baby anymore.  Though you are still teeny tiny, you remind me all the time that you are in fact a big girl! Even though I miss when you used to sleep on my chest, and give my gummy toothless smiles, each day with you is more fun than the last. Every day you say and learn new things! Today for example you told me "God Bless you Mommy" and it made me so proud of the big girl you are becoming!

Here is all about you at 2 years old sweet pea:

  • Age- 2  years
  • Weight- We fell off the charts again, we are only 21 lbs
  • Length- 33 inches tall!! So tall like her daddy! 45th percentile!
  • Size- First of all: NO MORE DIAPERS! Girlfriend is potty trained during the day and wears a pull up at night! Pants, PJs and Skirts- 12 month and Shirts and dresses- 18 months
  • Eyes- Most of the time they look green, but they are still big and beautiful!
  • Hair- Light brown and super long!
  • Sleeping- 1 nap (1 1/2 to 2 hours) and 11 hours at night.
  • Favorite Foods-  Burritos, fruit, avocado, sweets and carbs! 
  • Milestones-  Counting to 10, Potty trained, identify colors and shapes
  • Memorable outings and events- Lots of birthday and holiday parties, photo shoots, family beach trip, moving to Pop's house, and arena football.
  • Favorite toys/activities-  Stuffed animals (Especially my puppy!) Baby June, Coloring and Arts and Crafts, Play Kitchen, Dr. Kit, Princess Castle, and Dress up Minnie and Daisy
  • Words/sounds- The kid loves to talk! She is speaking in like 8 word sentences! Some of my favorites: (Daddy, I need new shoes, card please? I go outside, see bunnies hopping in grass? That's very sweet of you! When I was little, I always have Daddy) 
  • Nicknames- H, Hal, Sweet pea, peanut and bean
  • Funny moments- Oh goodness there are just too many! Right now I am still cracking up over this moment:
  • Looking forward to- Decorating her new room and playroom when we buy a new house, the holidays, and watching how much she learns and grows this year!
Hallie Anne, you are the light of my life! You make every day so much better! I can't get over how smart you are! You comprehend more than I could have imagined for any 2 year old! You are also so sweet and thoughtful! I love you more than I could ever express! 
Xoxo, Mommy


  1. I love when they can do the big sentences! Aria goes on and on about things. I have a few videos of it, she is never-ending lol. Chatting with your kid never gets old! Well maybe somtimes ha, but it's still cute =)

  2. Hallie and Mila are both teeny ones - I think Mila's 2 year stats were almost the same! Yay for no more diapers!


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