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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Currently May

Things are getting crazy at the Mock house! We are officially moving out this weekend!! So what have we been up to aside from losing our minds and packing you ask??

Still my devotional as well as a million to do lists!

Give me all your favorite Netflix shows ladies!!! No more cable in T-5 days! Right now I am just watching Dancing with the Stars and soaking up my last few days of Ellen! I have been so spoiled with a DVR! 

Lots and lots of coffee! My allergies have me up at weird hours and my sleeping pattern has been TERRIBLE!

I made this super yummy veggie pasta and I can't get enough of it! It is good hot and cold and full of veggies which is great for Hallie!           

For a dear friend! Also praying Hallie isn't too thrown by our transition to her Pop's house for a few month's while we look for a new house.   

Listening to:
I am a total nerd.  My favorite Pandora station is the Glee station.  It plays songs from the show as well as other acoustic artists mixed with some other popular songs! It is pretty great!

Working on:

Hallie is doing pretty good with the potty training! If we are home I usually keep her in underwear and she does pretty good.  Only a couple accidents to date.  Also I am at the end of my to do list for her birthday planning! Just a few more projects and of course the food left! Only about a month to go! 

Looking Forward to:  
This move being passed us.  I am ready to set up camp at my FIL's while we save a little money and find a house we really love! Also looking forward to seeing Hallie's little face the day of her party! She is already so excited! 

Loving: For Mommy:
Loving these sandals I used to have some similar ones and they were my absolute faves, but they have seen better days!
For Hallie:
I love that this kid is finally letting me experiment with other shoes! Not to say we don't love our FP's, but for summer, I love seeing her in a cute sandal! Her faves right now are her Old Navy jelly shoes! She calls them her Cindy-rella shoes because they are clear with silver sparkles! I would LOVE to get some other colors! These pink ones are too sweet!

What have you been up to?
<3 Kelly 


  1. I totally listen to the Glee station too! Good luck with the move!

  2. I am totally making that veggie pasta but with gluten free pasta. Looks amazing!!!!

  3. Love those shoes! And moving is tough work! We haven't had cable in three years and with hulu, I've never looked back!


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