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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hallie's Birthday Wishlist

As I said before Hallie's birthday is starting to creep up on us, and we are in full planning mode here at the Mock house.  A lot of people are starting to ask me about gift ideas and sizing for clothes, so I thought what better way to share what Hallie wants for her birthday than in a good 'ol blog post!

1.Disney Princess Stamp Set: At the end of EVERY ballet class, Hallie's teacher gives all the kids a sticker and a stamp. I think the stamp is her very favorite part of class! She waits so patiently to get her stamp and then shows it off the rest of the day.  Recently she began pretending other things around the house were stamps and pretends to stamp her own hand. So this stamp set is sure to be a winner!

2. Puzzles: Hallie loves to sit and do puzzles, and I even found some fun Minnie and Mickey ones on Amazon that would be perfect for Hal!

3. Books: Hallie can never get enough books! She loves to curl up in my lap and read! She has quite a list of books on her Amazon List

4. Leapfrog Tag Jr: This is so cool! It reads to the child and helps encourage vocabulary.  There are also a variety of books you can buy to go with it!

5. Doc McStuffin's Dr. Kit- Hallie has been loving Doc McStuffins lately! She even sings "Time for your Check up!" and then proceeds to give Mommy, Daddy and Stella "Check ups!"

6. Summer clothes and PJs: Carter's tends to fit her long skinny figure best! She is wearing Size 12 month in PJs, Pants, and Skirts. Either 12 or 18 month shirts and 18 month dresses.

7. Finding Nemo Water Table: We went to one of Hallie;s friends birthdays and she got this table! Hallie loved it! I know she will get plenty of use out of this fun table!

8. Princess Dress Up Trunk: This kid is ALL GIRL and loves to dress up! Shoes, crowns, tutus! You name it!

9. Dolly stroller: Hallie loves her baby doll that her Nana gave her for Christmas.  She named her baby June and loves to take care of her! She also loves the stroller at her friends house, so I know it will be a hit!

You can find all of these items and more ideas on Hallie's Amazon Wishlist! I cannot wait to get shopping!
<3 Kelly


  1. Great list! Mila has - and LOVES - that Doc McStuffins kit. And princess dresses are a must for any little girl! :)

  2. Those jammies are adorable! & the water table is so much fun.

  3. What a great collection! She NEEDS that dress up set. I can tell you right now she would play with that for YEARS!

  4. The water table is a blast. The sun killed Aria's last year so I am badgering Chris to let me buy a new one for the summer. So entertaining for the kids!

  5. These are such good ideas. Olivia has loved her water table year over year.


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