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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Currently April

Hello friends and Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week! Thanks goodness!!! Today I am sharing what we are currently up to this month at the Mock house! 

Just a daily devotional given to me by a sweet friend.  It's been really nice to start my day with God.

Dancing with the Stars! I am really loving Ginger! Also, Season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt! We are getting ready to not have cable here next month when we move out of the house! 

I just heard that Starbucks is bringing back the S'mores Frap which is one of the only ones I will drink! I usually won't splurge on the calories, but I'll make an exception for S'mores anything! 

Made a big pot of this yummy Bolognese Sauce Monday night and we have pretty much been eating it all week! Yum!            

For things to go smoothly with our move next month! We close of the 2nd and have to be out by the 23rd.  We are planning on staying with Christopher's Dad for a few months while we look for something new.  

Listening to:

Currently Disney Pandora. I am also watching Hallie dance her little tushy off! Too cute!

Working on:

Planning Hal's birthday! I have gotten a lot done this week! We also started Potty Training a few weeks ago..so far she's doing pretty good!

Looking Forward to:  

As much as I am not ready for Hallie to be 2, I can't wait for her party! I have been working so hard on it, and she is so excited! She keeps talking about her "Happy Birthday" and singing herself "Happy Birthday to Hallie!"

Loving: For Mommy:
This is kind of for me and Hal, but TOMS released Mommy and Me styles which I am TOTALLY crushing on! Especially since Hallie recently started letting me put her in something other than her moccs... no worries we are still hard core Freshly Picked fan girls and they are for sure still our favorite shoes!

For Hallie:

Speaking of Freshly Picked, how cute are these Electric Coral! I am obsessed!

What have you been up to?
<3 Kelly 


  1. S'mores frap for the win!!! We closed on our house yesterday and it was so bittersweet. We are staying with my inlaws for a while. Will be praying for a smooth process for you all!

  2. Umm... did I miss the memo about you moving?! Hope everything goes smoothly. And those mommy and me shoes are just too cute. I would love to get them... the price is a bit high though....

  3. The mommy and me Toms are too cute! And yum to the smores frap!!

  4. I'm just as obsessed with FP as you, but I do love me some tiny toms!!

    Good luck with potty training and a move! Yikes!

    I'm not ready for birthdays either, but the parties are so fun! :)

  5. Your house sold! Yay! Congrats and good luck finding a new house! Glad to hear potty training is going well so far. Has Hallie worn Tiny Toms yet? I got several pairs for Mila because I couldn't handle the cuteness and needed her to have them. The shoes would not stay on her feet! The sides are on the low side and her feet just kept slipping out. Such a bummer! The Toms Mary Janes were so perfect though. She's outgrown them, but I need to get her another pair!

  6. Oh gosh, how I love those mom and me TOMS! And potty training already!! Amazing!!!

  7. Those TOMS are SO cute and I am loving those Disney inspired letters, what a clever idea! So much going on girl!

  8. Yay for selling the house!! Here's hoping the perfect house shows up for you all at the right time!! Love those toms!!

  9. Omg we must have those shoes!! Can't wait to see Hallie's party! I know it'll be perfect!!


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