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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Precious Moments

I have to say Hallie being sick has taken a lot out of us all! She is up coughing at all hours of the night.  She isn't comfortable in her crib and has been sleeping with me propped up on a million pillows.  For days all she wanted to do was lay on me on the couch and either sleep or watch TV, so there goes the house work. She hasn't had energy or even an appetite. (which if you know my girl is odd) Needless to say, we are all exhausted around here and ready to be feeling better.  She is finally on the mend so things are looking up! However, even with all the coughing and exhaustion, I have been soaking up a lot of sweet Hallie cuddles.  When Hallie is sick or tired is about the only time I get cuddles, so we have shared a lot of precious moments I would never have traded for the world.  Which I guess goes to show you, there's a silver lining on every dark cloud.


  1. Aw, sickness is just the worst!! But youre right, the total silver lining is the sickness snuggles. Nothing like them!

  2. Silver lining IS the snuggles. It is so sad but the only time M was ever snuggly was when she was sick.

  3. Awww sweet baby girl. Even when she's sick, she is just perfection! Hope she feels better soon! Soak up those cuddles ;)


  4. Being sick is the pits, but those cuddles are legit!

  5. Poor Hallie!! I hate that she's been sick, but I do love that she knows mommy loves her!!


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