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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Girl and her Dog

With Stella's 6th birthday quickly approaching next week it got me thinking of how wonderful she has been since we added Hallie into our family! From the beginning she has been so protective and gentle with her.  And of course Hallie just adores her! Stella is really like her first best friend! Christopher took Hallie and Stella to the dog park last week, and when they got home he asked her, "Which dog was your favorite?" Without skipping a beat, she squealed "Stella!" Of course Daddy! That love runs deep!

Nobody brings a smile to Hal's face quicker than Stella.  And nobody could come between this girl and her dog! 
We sure love our Puppy Girl!
<3 Kelly 


  1. She reminds me so much of the two dogs we had growing up. Although, they were quite a bit larger. (German shepards) absolutely the very best dogs though. Kids and their dogs. Not a bond like it!

  2. Aaaahhhh So sweet. It looks like they make quite the pair.

  3. Eeeek! I love it!! A girl and her dog is a great thing. :)

  4. These pics are the cutest. I loooove toddlers/babies and their dogs. Aria loves her fur buddies. She saw this tiny dog at a party the other month and she was just totally sold on the concept of a tiny dog. I'm like no way no how, she likes to just flop on the hounds as it is. She'd squish a little dog in no time. Poor thing ha.


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