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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Toddler Valentine Food

Hi friends! Today I am sharing with you all of the fun heart shaped treats Hallie and I have been eating this week to celebrate Valentines Day!

Of Course we will be bingeing on Linzer cookies and other treats, but I have also found ways to bring the love into our regular diets!

For Lunches I have grabbed a hear shaped Cookie Cutter and experimented with:
Heart shaped Watermelon, Heart shaped Cheese and Heart shaped Sandwiches!
 This kid is loving it!
 We've also done heart shaped Strawberries and Oatmeal with a "kiss" of raspberry jam....of course Hallie had to stick her finger in it before I was done taking the picture! I had to pull it away for it's Photo op!

If you are looking for more of a sweet treat (like we were on Saturday) Dunkin Donuts is doing heart shaped donuts!

 They were delicious!

For dinner we have tried heart shaped personal pizzas:
That was also fun and super delicious!

And of course even snack time at our house has had fun Valentine flair!
Frozen Strawberry Yogurt with heart shaped sprinkles! This is a staple at our house (minus the sprinkles) It is the only way I can get Hal to eat yogurt lately! (I tell her it's ice cream! I know I am terrible!)

Are you experimenting with any Valentine foods?!
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. You should totally put this on the Foodie For a Year Link up. You can find it on my blog!!

  2. Heart shaped everything, so cute and special!

  3. Love all the hearts and definitely need some heart shaped donuts in my life.


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