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Monday, February 8, 2016

Toddler Valentine Crafts

Hi friends! Happy Valentines Week! Now that Hallie is in full blown toddler mode, I was anxious to try some crafts with her, and with Valentine's Day around the corner, I jumped on the opportunity for her to make some of her own Valentines! 

Finger painted Hearts:
This one was really fun! I just dropped some finger paint on a large piece of paper and let her go to town! Once she was done I let the papers dry, drew some hearts, cut them out and addressed them to some of Hal's favorite people! She had a blast!

Ms Elaine is a lady at our local grocery store that Hallie just LOVES!

Toilet Paper Heart Stamping-
This one might work better for an older toddler. I saved a toilet paper roll, taped it to the shape of a heart and gave Hal a little paint and showed her how to stamp the paper...unfortunately I am not sure she quite "got" it and smeared the paint around like she was finger painting again...it was short lived for us, but I can't wait to try it again when she is a bit older!

Shredded Paper Heart Mosaic-
 This one turned out pretty cute! I cut a heart out of cardboard and saved the scraps from making my homemade Valentines.  Then I showed Hal how to glue on the pieces! She especially loved all of the patterned pieces!

Have you done any Valentine crafts or made any homemade Valentines?
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. I need to try the toilet paper heart with Mila. Although I think the results may end up similar to Hallie's, haha. Yesterday, I made a painter's tape heart and tried to have Mila paint around it so a white heart would be visible when she was done. She made two brush strokes and said, "Okay, I'm done!" Haha. I finished it for her. I love your scrapbook paper heart! Mila has been obsessed with glue sticks, so I might need to try that one!

  2. Adorable!! These are the cutest ideas and I love that they are simple! Right up my alley! I'll be crafting with the kids today- yay!

    1. So fun! Can't wait to see the finished products!

  3. The toilet paper hearts are so cute!!!!! I love how she isn't sure about the finger paint!! She did great on the mosaic!!


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