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Friday, February 12, 2016

This year's Valentines

Happy Friday Folks! Today Hallie and I are so excited to be going  to our Play Group Valentine's Party! We are bringing our homemade Valentines to share with our friends, but I also couldn't wait to share them here with you! Here's what we did:

We got a heart shaped silicone mold at Hobby Lobby.  Bought some Dollar Store Crayons and gathered up our old crayons.  Peeled off the paper. Broke them up and filled each tray until it was a little more than half way full.  Melted them at 350 for 10 minutes (or until melted).  Waited about an hour or so until cool, then popped them out! It was so simple and so fun!
 Hallie loved helping me break the crayons and match the colors in the trays

On Wednesday we passed some out to her friends at Ballet Class

 And today we can't wait to give them to our little playgroup buddies! 

Here are some  photos of Hal from Last year's party:
 It's so crazy to see how much she has grown in one year...also look at those baby blues! They are now green!

This weekend Hallie and I will celebrate Valentines by taking goodies to our family and then having some mommy and baby time.  I will of course share what Hallie get's for her special treat from Mommy and Daddy, but for now, here are some of the cards I have made for loved one's this year:
Can't wait to give them all out! 

We hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's weekend!
<3 Kelly and Hallie


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