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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Okay I have always been nervous to share my confessions on here with the fear of being judged, but I have seen SO many Mom's share their deepest darkest secrets and so I finally thought...what the heck! We have all done things as Mom's we aren't proud of in moments of desperation and exhaustion, so here goes:

1. I don't iron..in fact I have been known to use my hair straightener as a "mini iron" to get stubborn wrinkles out of my clothes and Hal's as well...yep! Otherwise I will throw my clothes in the dryer again or ask Christopher...who actually DOES know how to iron! EMBARRASSING!

2.  Speaking of clothes...guess who does our laundry?  Super hubby also does the Laundry, but I am willing to bet that it's because he has less underwear than I do! Or it could be because I just really hate doing laundry..putting it away is even worse! It usually sits in a pile on the trunk at the end of our bed collecting wrinkles...(cue confession number 1!) until I get annoyed enough with the mess and finally put it all away during a long Hallie nap!

3. I do really CRAZY and super DUMB things to get a laugh out of Hallie! I mean think of all the silliest words, noises and dances you can and go up a notch and you have the level of  nuts I go to get a laugh of a smile out of this kid! But that laugh and smile melt my heart so, I do what it takes!

4.  I bribe...yes sometimes with food...to get Hal to do what I need! "Hallie if you try to go on the potty, I'll give you an M&M" or "if you eat some of that chicken Mommy will let you watch Mickey!" or sometimes even "if you give Mommy a little kiss I'll get you a snack!" Guys I am shameful! Hal isn't always the most affectionate though, sooo....GUILTY!

5. I have a secret candy stash! Sometimes my days just need chocolate! So I have been known to say "I'll be right back Hal I have to go potty"....and really go sneak an M&M or Nestle crunch egg!

6. If you are an avid reader you know that I freeze Hal's yogurt and tell her it's ice cream to get her to eat it! I even put sprinkles on it from time to time to make it more fun and appealing!
Strawberry Activia Ice Cream..
7. I teach Hallie all about "good music" for instance we rock out to Spice Girls or year round Christmas carols in the car! Hallie will even ask "Ho Ho music?" when we get into the car!

8. And last but equally disgraceful I buy "kid food" and say it's for Hallie, but I almost always indulge in the Mac and Cheese, Hostess snacks, chick fil a and fruit snacks!...I just can't help it! They are my faves! I am such a big kid! 

What are your most embarrassing Momfessionals!!?  Also have you entered our swaddle giveaway yet? Check it out here!

<3 Kelly and Hallie 


  1. I bribe Mila all the time, but it rarely works. She caught on quick, haha.

    I'm jealous that you can tell Hallie that you're going potty and she doesn't insist on going with you! If I could do that, I'd have a secret candy stash too!

  2. Umm... Ironing is the worst. I hate it. The hubby can always tell when I don't, even if I get the shirts out of the dryer ASAP! And it's not bribing... It's positive reinforcement, and we use it too! :)

  3. I don't think we even own an iron... if my dryer ever breaks I don't know what i'll do!! hahahah!!!!

  4. Who needs to iron when you have a dryer?! I am a HUGE fan of the kid foods too!

  5. No shame in your game! I think you're a great mama to Hal! Keep it up! ;) I mighttttt have eaten a BUNCH of Thin Mints today... because I knew they were in the freezer and I couldn't stop sneaking a few more at a time. ;)

  6. I never iron. Ever ever. Like, hardly even know how.

    I'm right with you on the kid foods. Annie's mac and cheese is my favorite lol

  7. hahaha fun post.
    I don't iron either. That's what dewrinkle on the dryer is for!
    Bribing is kind of an essential to parenting I think.
    I wish I had a secret candy stash!
    ho ho music, ha. We sing carols as part of our bed time routine most nights. I try to think of other kid songs but I know carols the best!


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