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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

King Size

Teething bites the big one folks! Hallie never really had it affect her until the dreaded molars reared their evil heads! Around molar number 1 she stopped sleeping through the night (which was the first time since she was like 6 weeks old!) and I was getting up to comfort her multiple times in one night, and would finally give in and let her sleep with us for the remainder of the night.  Around molar number 2 we decided to take the plunge and buy a king size mattress.  For a teeny little girl, she sure does take up a lot of room in bed! She was sleeping sideways, head in Christopher's back and feet in mine, simultaneously pushing both of us out of bed...we were miserable.
So out with the old in with the new (new mattress and teeth that is) we are loving our new mattress. We are on molar number 3 and all sleeping a lot better...but we are still doing it in our queen size bedding! Here are some photos of our current bedding (check out these flashbacks!) sadly I have no better ones and our bed is currently covered in clean laundry....sooo this is the best we're getting

So I am finally starting to do a little quilt shopping, and while I love the pattern of our queen quilt, I am thinking I want to purchase something a little more clean and neutral this time. Here's where you come in:

I have a gift card to West Elm, from our wedding...yes you read that right....that I have yet to spend, and I thought this would be the perfect time! Here are the 3 choices (in no particular order) that I am mulling around, as well as the wall color in our bedroom:
Excuse the mess this was during the painting process...
And our my 3 favorites in no particular order:
West Elm- Mid Century Circlet in Peacock
West Elm-Metallic Tuck Chambray Quilt in Light Pool
West Elm- Braided Quilt in Moonstone 
Just leave me your vote in the comments and it will hopefully help me make a final decision! I do have one I am kind of leaning toward....but let's see if you can sway me one way or the other!
Thanks friends!!
<3 Kelly


  1. ooh I vote for #2. And I love our king size bed and Aria never sleeps in it. I'm a bed hog.

  2. I vote #2! We could use a king size too! Cameron ends up in our bed often and there just isn't enough room. Pokey baby limbs everywhere!

    1. Yes! Exactly! She sometimes will throw an arm or leg over me and wake me from a dead sleep!

  3. I vote for 1 or 3! I love the pattern in both, though the color in #3 might be preferable since it is a little more muted.

  4. Oooohhhh I love them all. Flip a coin :).

  5. ohhhh not looking forward to the teething ... it's just around the corner for us!

    and i love the 2nd one ... it looks so cozy!

    1. Good luck with the teething! We didn't start getting any until right before her 1st birthday, so now they have all come back to back and we haven't had a break! Ugh! Hope it's easier on you!

  6. I love the first two, but I think #1 is my ultimate favorite!! Either way, they are all gorgeous!! Love that color!! :)

  7. I love all of your picks! If I had to choose, I think I'd go with the last one!

  8. I have always slept on a queen size bed and though the jump in price to a king was probably not worth it. I bough a king recently and although it doesn't look that much bigger, you will notice it when you have kids in bed with you for sure. I wish I would have made this purchase years ago.

    Dylan Lovell @ Mattress Sale Liquidators

  9. We decided to get a king size bed when our daughter was having restless nights. She would cuddle with us for security. I'd grown accustomed to sleeping with one bed hog. Two was too much. Our king size bed is wonderful. There is plenty of room for my husband and I to rest comfortably and, enough wiggle room for toddler cuddling.

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store

  10. wow amazing, King Size Bed really beautiful, I want to sleep there, nice article :)


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