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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Currently February

Happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing my Monthly Currently post with you! It is so fun to look back and see how much can change in a month! (if I am consistent with them that is!) 

I am ALMOST done with Joanne Fluke's Red Velvet Cupcake Murder.  It's a series I started a while ago that is kind of a time filler series for me.  They are easy to figure out, have great recipes, and perfect for when I have nothing to read! My Mom loves them too!

Watching: SO MUCH! How to get away with murder, Big Bang Theory, PLL, Project Runway All Stars, American Idol, etc, etc...it's getting crazy! Also anyone excited for the Fuller House premier? I am 1/2 excited and 1/2 skeptical! I hope its good!

Drinking: Lately (aside from my normal coffee) I have been switching between water with a lemon wedge (I just leave the wedge in my water bottle all day and keep filling it up. It's pretty cute because Hal insists on having the same!) and These sparkling...they are SO good, and a perfect fix because I gave up soda for lent! The Strawberry/Watermelon is my FAVE!

Eating:  Leftover birthday cake and Valentine candy! GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! This week I am also trying a few new recipes! I will share the good ones!

Praying: For a few personal things, also there are so many of my loved ones who are ill and need recovery.

Listening to: Right now the rain as well as Hal's morning cartoon! Today it's Mickey Mouse.  In the car we have been listening to Glee Pandora! Love it!

Working on:  Of course you think I am crazy, but each week I have been knocking out a birthday project for Hal's birthday. Some have been as easy as booking my baker for the cupcakes, but if you follow me on Facebook you also know I have been tackling some bigger projects!
Treat bags and Ribbon banner 

Looking Forward to:  
Partly Hal's birthday, though I don't want to admit that she is almost 2! It is fun planning something I know she is going to be really excited about! Also SOOO ready for Spring Break.  Even further in the future...looking forward to moving to a new bigger house...we have sort of started to get the ball rolling on that...though it's not rolling very fast!

Loving: For Mommy: 
Right now I have been very into the whole tunic and leggings trend...mostly because I have extra Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentines Day/Christopher's birthday weight that I need to take off before summer! Anyway these Old Navy tunics have been great! I also would love to check out those Lularoe Irma's and Leggings...anyone else into that!? I haven't been brave enough to order yet because they are a bit more expensive than I usually buy and haven't seen them in person! 

For Hallie: 
Loving the Spring styles at Old Navy! We must have this little dress and so many more things! TIME TO SHOP!


  1. I think we watch the exact same tv shows. I'm a huge fan of How To Get Away With Murder. I also love those Old Navy tunics and picked up two the last time I went shopping.

  2. I am totally with you on the get ot out of my house part. I just needs to go... and not in my belly.

  3. As I'm munching on the mnms Aria got for Valentine's day.....ha.
    Good idea to knock a bit out at a time for her bday party, but she's going to be 2??? no way. She just turned 1, get out of town!

  4. I'm with you on Fuller House!! I really can't decide what to think!!


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