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Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Snapshots

Our weekend was full of family, cuddles and playing inside! Take a peek:
Friday Night Cuddles!
Saturday Nap with Mommy! (Getting Molars is tough Biz!) 

Cooking up Something Special in her Kitchen!
 Wearing Daddy's Hat
 Making Tents with Daddy before work Sunday Morning!

Cuddling Nana!

This Face!
Cookie Time!
"Felfies" With Katie!

Loving on Momma!

Shh! Baby is sleeping!

She wont wear anything but Moccs in her size....but LOVES everyone else's shoes! 

Happy Monday! 
Enjoy the day off!
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. Oh Hallie girl, such a doll! Wish we could have play dates!

  2. So many cute shots! Molars are the WORST. Hopefully they come in quickly!

  3. Cuddles from that cutie! I'd take them anyday!!!

  4. I love that her kitchen doesn't look like a bomb went off. I put Aria's in her room during christmas to make room for the tree. just brought it back to the living room and it's a huge mess already.

  5. Hallie's duck lips selfie... LOL... I love the picture of her shhing her baby doll too!!! It looks like she's really enjoying the kitchen!!

  6. She is so sweet! Cooking and playing with babies. She's ready to be a mama - haha. Olivia steals everyone else's shoes too! Too funny!


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