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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentine Photos with Purple Moments

I always am so excited for another holiday, because that means another photoshoot with our pal Larissa with Purple Moments Photography! And she definitely didn't disappoint with our Valentine Minis!
 Valentine Dress: ForTay Fabrications 

Love how they turned out and this little hand made dress is just to die for! 

Happy Valentines Day Friends! We can't wait to celebrate!

<3 Hallie and Kelly


  1. Hallie is so cute and I LOVE that dress!!!

  2. Toot sweet! Perfect in every way!

  3. These pictures make me so happy! Make sure you send some to Ms. Sindi. She's getting so big! <3

  4. So adorable and seriously, all of a sudden she really is looking so big. Oh mama it is just so hard when that happens.

  5. You seriously have the best taste in kids clothes!! I love all of Hallie's perfect seasonal outfits!


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