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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Valentine Favorites!

I cannot believe Valentines Day is less than a month away! It feels like just yesterday we were packing up Fall and Decking the Halls for Christmas! I am always sad putting Christmas away, but as soon as I do, the festive elf in me is ready to bring on the next holiday, so here I am prepping for Valentines Day! Hallie's Valentines are already done (be looking out for a post on that closer to Feb 14!) and before you know it I will be making more Linzer Cookie hearts! And it wouldn't be a holiday without me sharing some of our favorite things, so here goes:

1.The Carters Pajamas are some of my favorite on Hallie! We love this set! It comes with 4 mix and match pieces and of course they are Daddy's Favorite of all of Hallie's Pajamas!

2. This Valentine Dress is gorgeous! I can't wait for Hallie's Valentine photos!

3. It wouldn't be a Holiday without matching Moccs! Love our No Place Like Home moccs!

4-7 These are our VERY favorite Valentine books!!!

8 and 10. I am LOVING this shops tea towels!

9. These Crate and Barrel Dessert plates are the cutest!

11. I always LOVE me a good mug!

What are your Valentine Faves?

<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. Oh those book are just the cutest. What a fun round up you have put together!

  2. These are the best! I need to get Olivia valentines day books. She has stickers and has started a few crafts, but I think books speak to her better than I do - she really seems to 'get' a holiday once she reads a book about it.


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