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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tiny Dancer

My heart is overjoyed! My little girl started ballet class yesterday and just like her Mommy, she LOVED it! We enrolled in a Mommy and Me dance class at the studio I danced at, and Hallie couldn't have been more happy! She was dancing and running and playing all the games! She also paused a few times to make silly faces in the big mirrors, because she still has a little bit of her daddy in her of course!! She was hilarious and so so excited! 

She has been obsessed with Little Einsteins lately, so I kept telling her that she got to be just like June and dance ballet! And she was pumped to go to class!

We invited our buddy Mira to come, and it was so fun having a friend in the class!

First the girls did warm ups and stretches.  They pretended to be butterflies and flowers, it was adorable! When the warm ups were done, the teacher played all kinds of games with them and they danced around the room and played with balls and ribbons.  The girls took turns doing leaps over teeny cones and they even got to pretend to be all kinds of different animals which of course Hallie loved!

Pretending to be turtles and going REALLY SLOOOOW!

At the end of class all the girls got stamps and somehow my little girl coerced the teacher into giving her 2 stamps.  A ballerina on one hand and a heart on the other! She held them up proudly all day and showed them off to everyone!

We can't wait to go back next week!
<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. So cute! Elin loves ballet class and I'm excited becasue the first year she was too young for the recital but this year she is old enough! yay!

  2. SO much fun, I love that you are starting her young. I hope she loves it just like you!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is just too precious! You know how we just started dance class this fall- we can't wait for it start back up again next month!

  4. MEEEEP!!!! I love this!!!! So glad Hallie enjoyed her first dance class!! <3

  5. Ahhh this is the cutest! Now I really wish we had signed Olivia up. Looks like she had a blast!


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