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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sadie Girl

Happy 9th Birthday to my little Sadie Girl! Sometimes I can't believe that sassy little baby I took care of is now a grown up 9 year old girl! You are still as independent as ever! (I think that is growing by the minute!) You are a great friend and you are oh so smart!! You always keep Mrs Kelly on her toes and are  the most funny little girl I know!

I still can't get over how quickly you learn and you are always good at everything you try! Things just come naturally to you, and they always have!

You have been such a special part of my life since you were a teeny! Now you have a new important role in my life because you have been like a big sister to my Hallie and she just adores you and looks up to you!

Ms Kelly hopes you have a wonderful day! Love you so much little girl!

Ms Kelly


  1. Happy birthday, Sadie!!! What a sweet little girl <3 Tell her Ms. Sindi says hi and I hope she has a wonderful day <3

  2. Happy birthday Sadie!! What a neat experience for you to share such a big part of your life with her and now she gets to share hers with you and Hallie!


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