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Friday, January 22, 2016


It's how I'm feeling today guys! TGIF for sure! If only I could get through ti Hallie when I tell her to let me sleep in tomorrow! Ha! Actually I have a lot to get done this weekend! Grocery shopping, some work on the house, and the Kohls by our house is closing and everything is like 70%

Hope everyone had a great week! Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the week:

1.We went to our Pal Bowen's house on Monday to play (or as Hal calls him "Bone-en" like wings or something) and Hallie had a blast in Bo's car...which he was not fond of! Then we took the kids to Chick fil a for some lunch and ice cream! So all week Hallie has been telling me: "Bone-en House, Car, Say Sorry, Ice Cream!" Haha!

2. Just Chilling Having a Ball at Nana's House! 
3. Too many photos to choose from for Wednesday because I took so many for the Day In The Life Post! But I do love this one with Cleo! I can't get over how grown up my baby looks! 

4. Another fave from Wednesday! She is seriously getting too big!

5. This was yesterday and has me totally cracking up! How does she know to pose like that! Haha! We also finished off this outfit with a giant monogrammed bow my Dad bought for her and of course sparkly red No Place Like Home Moccs! 

Have a great weekend!
<3 Kelly


  1. Holy cow. A kohls store closing sale?! I can ONLY IMAGINE.

    Happy Friday!

  2. LOL "Bone-en"!! Here's hoping for some Saturday sleep in!! ;)

  3. Kohls closing? Sounds like heaven in the home good department to me. They have the best kitchen stuff there. Hallie is looking SO big!

  4. She really is looking giant lately!! And bone-en ha. Love when kids say fun things.

  5. Her outfits! And her poses! Olivia has a cozy coupe from her first birthday and she still loves it! It has been one of the best toys! But hard to park a third car in our garage ;)


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