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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day in the Life: January 2016

Hi friends! Today I am sharing what a typical day for me and Hallie looks like! It is crazy to me seeing how much has changed in one year. If you would like to go back and read our first DITL post, check it out here!

 I wake up just before 7:30 and Hallie is still asleep.  I head to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee then open my laptop to get to work on the days blog.  When I open my laptop I see a sweet surprise from the hubby.  A Starbucks gift card! So sweet!

 Hallie is up at 7:50! She wakes up happy saying "Momma!" Stella and I go in to great her...she is more excited to see Stella of course! We change diaper and grab a cup of milk which she happily drinks in Mommy's room while I finish up the blog!

 At 8:20 I make Hallie some breakfast.  Eggs and Cantaloupe.  Then I hit the showers while Hallie eats and watches "Pat Pat" AKA Little Einstein's! At 8:45 I am out of the shower and notice Hal is slowly eating.  I pack the diaper bag, do some dishes, and get our Waters (with lemon per Hal's request) ready for the day!
 At 8:55 I get Hallie in the bath. She plays while I do my hair for the day.  We are getting dressed for Ballet class by 9:10! When we are all ready, we feed Stella and we are out the door by 9:30.  Hallie requests Ho Ho Music in the car, so I turn on my Glee Pandora station. (Yes I know we are crazy!)
 Ballet class is from 10-10:45. Hallie picks a yellow spot to stand on and enjoys boogieing with her pals! 
 She especially loves when it is ribbon dancing time! She happily waves her ribbon around and turns in circles exclaiming "Pretty!"
 At the end of class the kids all get stickers...mine waits around for a stamp like she got last week...creature of habit gets the teacher to cave and give her a stamp two stamps!
 We are home for class around 11:15. I make lunch while Hallie plays.  Hallie eats Peanut Butter Sandwich, Blackberries and Green Bean chips and Mommy scarfs down a lean pocket.
 After Lunch around 11:45, Hallie packs her backpack to take to Nana's house and to work for the afternoon.
 When we get to Nana's house, Hallie is asleep.  We let her rest while we chat. I make myself a cup of coffee and my Mom pulls out the Starburst.
 Hallie is awake by 12:45. She gives Nana plenty of snuggles and we play until it's time to go pick up Cleo and Sadie.  Cleo gets out of school at 2:35 and Sadie at 3:05.

 We are all home by 3:10.  The girls get their homework done and Hallie sneaks in some snuggles from them! They eat snacks.  Hallie helps Cleo study for her tests! When the girls are done with homework, they retire to their rooms to relax and get ready for their afternoon activities.
 Hallie and I play.  She is fascinated with the new back splash the family put in over the weekend! She is too cute so I snap some photos! Sadie leaves with her Mom for her soccer game around 4:50 and Cleo, Hal and I are out the door for Girl Scouts by 5:00
 After dropping Cleo off at Girl Scouts, Hallie and I head home.  I immediately change to my sweats and Hallie plays and snuggles in for some more "Pat Pat" while I make dinner. Cauliflower fried rice!
 Dinner is done by 6:30 and Hallie and I eat together.  When she is done I get her in her pajamas by 7:10
 Hallie plays, gets Stella cuddles, and I catch up on Ellen while we wait for Daddy to get home from work.  At 8:10 Daddy still isn't home, so I get Hallie her milk and we get "Tozy" on the couch (Cozy)
Daddy is home about 8:20, and Hallie hides under the covers from him so he will have to come and find her! He eats dinner and she plays while we wait for him to finish so that we can do her bedtime routine as a family.  Around 8:35, Hallie puts her baby "night night" in her cradle, sings a toddler rendition of "Let it Go" and then picks a book for Mommy to read. Tonight it is Alice the Fairy. We snuggle and read.  Then Daddy says our family prayers and we both kiss Hallie goodnight!

When Hal goes to bed we of course break out the Dessert (Cookie Dough) and watch some American Idol.  I am totally passed out on the couch by 10pm and stumble back to the bed around 11:30!

So that's our day! What is a normal day for you like?
Hallie and Kelly


  1. Hallie is such a happy little girl!! Love it! And now i'm craving a Lean Pocket! hahahah!

  2. What a fun day!! Any day that ends with cookie dough HAS to be a good one!!

  3. I love this! I love reading about people's routines. Hallie doesn't nap much like Olivia :) - seems like she will play by herself a bit. We are still working on that. But with the new baby coming soon, I think Olivia will be forced into it.


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