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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Currently JanuaryI

I can't believe January is almost half over! This month is flying as I suspect the year will! Here's what the Mock house is up to! 
Wildflower by Drew Barrymore.  I read her first book Little Girl Lost and liked it, so I thought I'd give this one a go.  The last one she wrote at a really young age, this one has the same feel! 
Watching: PLL is back tonight, does anything else matter!!??! Just kidding! We are also watching American Idol, Big Bang Theory and I'm rewatching Glee on Netflix!

Working on: Spending a lot of family time, Getting our house back into shape and fixing it up! 

Looking Forward to:  Valentines Day! Hal and I have some cool Valentines in store for her friends! 

Loving: For Mommy: These Jersey leggings from Old Navy! They are so comfy! Nice and warm and thick!

For Hallie: Bitty Baby. She loves her! We have been taking her everywhere! Yesterday she chose a different toy to take in the car and asked for her all day! Also so far baby is just baby. The names suggested by Hal so far are Puppy, Hallie and Pat Pat....lol She loves taking care of her and puts her in her baby cradle before bed each night! So cute! 


  1. YES for PLL!!! And I have just started rewatching One Tree Hill on Netflix!! LOVE!

  2. Jersey leggings?! Those sound divine!!!!


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