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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas 2015

Happy 2016! We are back from our overdue blogcation! We spent a ton of time with family and enjoyed a terrific Christmas where Hallie was quite spoiled by everyone we know!

The weekend before Christmas we went to Houston and spent time with Christopher's family! They always have a huge Christmas party at his Aunts Ranch! All the great grand kids were there, the kids went on a fun hayride and Santa came to deliver presents! Hallie refused to sit on his lap though, and preferred to be in awe of him from afar!

First look at Santa...I can't tell if that's fear, awe or both!

Christmas Eve morning we made the annual Clam and Corn Chowder! Hallie helped by looking super cute!

In the evening we went to a Christmas Party at my Aunt and Uncles House. Hallie got to play with some more cousins!

We left the party a bit early to meet Christopher at his Dad's house for dinner so we could open presents on that side of the family and go to Midnight Mass!

Hallie LOVES her Easel from Memi and Pop!

After Midnight Mass, we went to my parent's house to spend the night so we could have Christmas morning with them!

Santa Came and everyone got some lovely gifts (including a pair of Micheal Kors boots for Momma! Thank you Santa!) but as I said the kids were spoiled!

 Matthew tried to jump into the huge pile of gifts!

Keys from Auntie Katie...genius!

New moccs which she immediately tried putting on!

 A little people zoo!
A new baby doll!

She was so happy!

Santa also left a note saying he left another present for Hallie at our house!

The rest of the day more family came over, we relaxed and played and then we had a huge delicious Christmas dinner! It was really wonderful!

 Hallie also got another special gift from her Nana, Memi and Mommy (more on that at a later date)

The morning after Christmas (because someone was sleepy and grumpy when we returned Christmas night) Hallie got to see her Santa gift!

She finally got her Kitchen! She loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it since!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and has a blessed 2016!

<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. Looks like you had fun! Umm.. That kitchen is amazing!

  2. What a busy Christmas! So glad you got to enjoy so much family time! Hallie is adorable, as always. She made out well from Santa and all her family - that kitchen will surely get lots of use! Happy 2016, Kelly!

  3. The kitchen is the best toy ever! I love all her faces - the Santa awe, the kitchen concentration! So cute. Do you need to buy an addition on the house to store her toys this year?! haha

  4. Oh goodness she isn't loved one bit is she :) hehe he! Love it, what an amazing Christmas. Glad you took a much needed break and you are now back!

  5. Oh my stars!! Look at all those wonderful things to imagine and play with!!! Love it!!! Her awestruck face at seeing Santa is the sweetest thing!!!


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