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Thursday, January 7, 2016

18 Months of Hallie Anne

I know I say this every milestone, but I am in serious disbelief with how fast my sweet, sassy, silly little girl is growing! Her smile just melts my heart and her laugh brightens my day every day!
Fox Outfit/Freshly Picked Moccs/Denim bow

Age- 18 months 
  • Weight- More and more on the charts each time! 18 lb 8 oz and in the 8th percentile! The theme of this month was 8!
  • Length- 32 inches! She is going to be just like her Daddy! Tall, Tall Tall!
  • Size- We still mix and match sizes depending on brand and item of clothing! Usually 9-12 or 12 month for length! She has long long legs and an itty bitty waist.  We are in size 3 diapers! 
  • Eyes- blue-green but possibly turning hazel...
  • Hair- Light brown and curly at the ends! 
  • Sleeping- Going back and forth between 1 and 2 naps a day.  Sleeps about 11 hours at night....sometimes the dreaded teething messes with that though! 
  • Eating- Most things. But girl LOVES her carbs and fruit! Loves Juice and Pasta is her very favorite! She even asks for it! Also this kid has a sweet tooth! 
  • Teeth- 8 total! 4 on top and 4 on bottom! I can see swollen gums where molars are bound to rear their ugly heads any time now! 
  • Milestones-  Moved to a big girl carseat. Loves to color and is very artistic.Playing make believe! Talking about her feelings.  She will tell me, "Momma I sad" and actually mean it! Or my favorite: "I so happy!" I am constantly amazed with her vocabulary! She learns a new word (or sometimes 3) every day! She is in full blown toddler mode! Loves all things girly! Ex: Dancing, Frozen, babies, dressing up, etc.  Don't let the skirts and bows fool you because girlfriend is also rough and tumble! She loves to run and play outside, especially with Daddy! 
  • Memorable outings- Trick or treating, Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with family. Halloween and Cookie Christmas Playgroup Party!
  • Favorite toys/activities-  Puppy, Baby dolls, Kitchen, Doll house, Coloring-Crayons, pencils and chalk, Magnets, Books, Little People zoo, Minnie and Daisy toys, dressing up, Dancing to music (especially to "Let Go!"Let it go), Keys from Auntie Katie, and Loved Everything Christmas! Loves watching Mickey and Little Einsteins AKA "Pat Pat"
  • Words/sounds- I have completely lost count, but at this point we are at over 150! She learns something new every day and leaves me constantly amazed!  
  • Nicknames- I call her sweet pea, peanut, sweet girl, Hal or lately bean!
  • Funny moments- Every day I am laughing at something new she does! Singing "Let Go" to baby while rocking her.  She got her first real boo boo and we put a band-aid on it.  She spend about 2 hours holding up her hurt pinky and when she looked at her band-aid she whined and cried...OH THE DRAMA! 
  • Looking forward to- Valentines Day, Easter, and even though I am no where near ready to have a 2 year old...her birthday! She is going to be so excited! 

I also had my Pal Larissa at Purple Moments Photography take a few adorable pictures to commemorate the 18th month! Enjoy!

<3 Kelly and Hallie


  1. She looks more and more like you every day!! Side note- look at that stretch!! She's ready to dance, mama!!! ;)


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